Within the art. 02/04/2011
The progress has begun and now it's time to continue working and making it go on. This is the start to hopefully something we all can enjoy. Art here is respected and we try to make many things that will fit with anyone. We are open minded to all and that's what makes the world work; Acceptance. The picture displayed shows how everyone has art within themselves, and the beauty of humans inside rather than the unimportance of the outside look.
Enlo- Aerosol(requested)
 This is the first post of Enlo Artworks, this website was made to show the art of Enlo. The artwork shown in this site consists of many different things, from pencil to spray paint. Enlo doesn't stick to only one medium of art and expansion is the goal, to never stop learning and improving the art. Passion drives a true artist as it does the same for anything. There is not limits to what art is and that's the beauty of it. The name Enlo is taking the "En" which means "In" in spanish and the first two words of the word Love. This gives Enlo the meaning which means En(in) Lo(love). This love or being In love pertains to anything done with passion and in an extreme way which is what the Enlo pieces are about!
So, Hope you enjoy the website and take time to look at what's displayed and purchase artwork that is right for you!! and remember passion is the drive.


    Read and enjoy. Comment and follow if you enjoy. There will be many things posted here!
    Hope you enjoy!

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